• A clean carpet not only it’s pleasing to the eye, but it also eliminates the breeding of germs and bacteria creating a healthier indoor environment.

    • To avoid the growth of bacteria, future contamination and odor problem, professional treatment and cleaning is necessary.

    • Prompt and professional odor removal is important. Our technicians are IICRC Certified to treat and eliminate odors.

Unlike traditional carpet cleaning companies that use products which contain many of the highly toxic constituents, we created Do it Green Carpet Cleaning to bring Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable, environmentally preferable cleaning services that are 100% safe for children, pets and our environment.

  • Carpet Deep Cleaning
    Vacuum cleaners only remove a fraction of dirt, dust, pet waste, dust mites and other allergens in your carpet. Our deep cleaning removes them all!
    Hardwood Floor Cleaning
    Wood floors become dull and dirty over time and they need professionally cleaning to restore their original beauty and luster.
    Tile & Grout Cleaning
    Have our professional technician do the work for you, with our powerful equipment. You'll be amazed at the results.
    Allergy Relief Services
    Dust mite and pet allergen found indoors are one of the leading causes of allergic diseases. Carpet cleaning has proven to be effective in extracting these allergens.
  • Pet Odor & Urine Treatment
    We offer a range of solutions for your pet accidents that will help you maintain a clean & healthy home.
    Area Rug Cleaning
    Area rugs tend to be made of more delicate fibers, questionable dyes and woven constructions that can easily be...
    Upholstery Cleaning
    Regular cleaning of fabric furnishings by Do it Green certified professionals can help restore your furniture's ...
    Odor Removal
    Odors are most apparent when temperature and humidity are high. Many homeowners feel that the odor if ...


While your carpet may appear clean on the surface, periodic deep cleaning can remove dust, dirt, pet dander, germs and allergens that you can’t see.
Allergy sufferers may find deep cleaning especially beneficial as it can improve the indoor air quality by removing these harmful pollutants.

Pet allergen accumulates easily and persistently in carpets, mattresses, bedding, and upholstered furniture. Carpet cleaning has proven to be very effective in extracting this allergen. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) alone produced a 92% reduction, while vacuuming continued to reduce allergen levels on a daily basis.

There are as many as 19,000 dust mites in one gram of dust; recent investigations show that carpet cleaning reduces the amount of mite allergen in carpet by more than 90% with each carpet cleaning.
To protect your family and your pets from dust mite allergies we recommend deep cleaning your carpets at least 2 twice a year. Deep cleaning does more than improving the appearance of the carpet, it provides you a safer and healthier indoor environment.

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We use eco friendly cleaning products that are safe for pets, humans and our environment.

  • Honest, ethical business practices. No hidden Fees.
  • Reliable, certified and fully trained techniclans.
  • Extra attention paid to trouble spots and high traffic areas.
  • High powered equipment for more extraction and quicker drying.
  • Convenient appoinments to fit your schedule including Saturdays and evenings.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction.
Allergy Relief Services
You will be proud of your home after using our services, because we take pride in our work and we will do our best to leave you a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable home.