Odor Removal

We specialize in treating:

  • Pet Urine odor
  • Tobacco smoke odor
  • Cooking odor
  • Smoke Damage odor

Odors are most apparent when temperature and humidity are high. Many homeowners feel that the odor if left alone will go away itself; our experience show that this is not the case.

Tobacco smoke can condense into a goo-like substance that gets stuck in fabrics, walls and windows around your house. This substance is made of oil and tar ash deposits and is stubborn when left for long time, It’s hard to scrape it off.

Prompt and professional odor removal is important and must be stresses. Few dollars spent at the beginning can save thousands. Many walls, ceilings, carpeting and insulation are removed and replace each year because somebody thought the odors would go away by themselves.

Our certified technicians are fully trained to determinate the best treatment and equipment to use for the odor problem.


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    Odors are most apparent when temperature and humidity are high. Many homeowners feel that the odor if ...