Pet Odor & Urine Treatment

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your carpet and fabrics and can also create an unhealthy indoor environment because the urine provides the growth of bacteria which contributes to a worsening of the odor problem and permanent color loss of the carpet fiber.

Pet urine can easily soak through the backing of the carpet into the padding underneath and in more severe cases the urine can penetrate into the sub-floor beneath the padding creating a problem that is multi-layered.

If left for days or weeks, depending on the fabric or floor type, it will permanently change the dye structure, therefore causing permanent staining and the odor can become absorbed into many of the porous materials in your home. Draperies, sheet rock, upholstered furniture, base-boards, even the concrete foundation are just a few of the materials that can absorb these odors.

Do it Green offer a range of solutions for your pet accidents that will help you maintain a clean and healthy home for you and your family.


We use a UV light to determine where the pet stains are located, (sometimes when urine dries the stains are hardly noticeable, but the smell and bacteria remain) our next step is identified the level of damage using a urine sensor so we can make sure we treat them effectively.

Light to Moderate : Pet has made only one or two deposits on the carpet in the same place and the carpet backing has not been compromised.
Our regular deep cleaning using a enzyme based odor control product is recommend.
Enzymes: product that digest contamination and contain odor modifiers

Moderate to Heavy: Pet has made multiple deposits on the carpet. The carpet backing and pad has been contaminated. Sub-floor may or may not be contaminated. We saturate the area by pouring a urine neutralizer directly on the stained area; we allow 10-30 minutes dwell time and extract the solution, deep clean and let dry completely.

Heavy to Extreme: Carpet has literally been used as a litter box. Carpet backing, pad, and sub-floor have been thoroughly contaminated.
Carpet needs to be pullback and the contaminated pad has to be remove and replace. Sub-floor needs to be treated and sealed.

TIP: To prevent permanent staining in the future, clean urine spots immediately by blotting with a white terry cloth towel or plain white paper towels until no moisture is transferred. To clean the spot, mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water and massage (don’t rub) into the spot with a white terry cloth. Once you have “flushed” as much of the urine out as possible, blot with dry cloths until dry to the touch. If you have a small extraction machine, flush with fresh water until spot is removed.

Do not use over the counter, general spotters or extraction detergent.

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  • Pet Odor & Urine Treatment
    We offer a range of solutions for your pet accidents that will help you maintain a clean & healthy home.
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