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Did You Know That Your Carpets Could Be Irritating Your Allergies?

Did You Know That Your Carpets Could Be Irritating Your Allergies?

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Although it’s not a very nice thought, it is important to know that the majority of allergic infections are caused by something in your home. These allergies are not spread around the home either, 90% of them all come from just one place, your carpets.

It is so important that you maintain your carpets in order to prevent a build of contaminants and allergens which could cause you and your family health problems. The only way to rid your carpets of these pollutants is by obtaining regular professional steam cleaning. The frequency of steam cleaning depends on the size of your family and the amount of traffic passing over the carpets, but the average family will need a cleaning every 6-12 months.

The actual pollutants in the carpet could vary from pollen, to dust, germs, and even dust mites. In fact, dust mites are one of the most harmful contaminants to have in your carpets because their faeces is one of the biggest causes of allergies in the UK.

If you want to ensure that your home is kept clean and healthy, and not a cause of harmful allergies and respiratory diseases, you need to hire a professional steam carpet cleaning company, and set up a maintenance programme.

Although you can buy or hire steam cleaning equipment, this machinery is not of industrial strength and therefore cannot provide the same standard of cleaning. The technicians that operate the equipment for steam cleaning companies have vast experience and knowledge about the solutions that should be used with specific carpet materials.

A professional carpet cleaner can provide you with a very high quality finish, and leave you safe in the knowledge that your carpets are now free from any dirt, oils, germs, and allergens.

The first step in the process is a high-filtration vacuum cleaner, followed up by a pre-spray to loosen any stubborn marks. The next step in the process is the actual hot water extraction which cleans deep into the fibres right down to the carpet backing. The cleaners will then rinse the carpets thoroughly and rake through to ensure the carpets are left in the best possible condition.

By removing the cause of the allergy, the people in your home are far less likely to break out into any sort of infection. The same for those who suffer from asthma, regular steam cleaning can prevent the condition becoming aggravated and causing an asthma attack.